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Adrina rodriguez

What if there was an easier way to find a freelancer, without having to ask a bunch of people “Do you know anyone?”

That’s why I created Bee Next Door. When I first entered the gig economy four years ago, I quickly realized that the only way to get business was through word-of-mouth referrals and through friends recommending me. And I thought it was strange that in a time where technology is developing and evolving rapidly, this was still the only method we had to find the freelancers that people needed.

So I created a platform where people can find professional freelancers faster and easier, and all close to their neighborhoods! You’d be surprised how many freelancers there are within a 2 mile radius of you. And with the rapid growth of the gig economy, there will be more and more freelancers at your disposal.

If you are a freelancer looking for more work/clients within your own neighborhood, or someone looking for a professional within a certain radius, Bee Next Door is the tool to help you!

We are here to strengthen not only the self-employed and small businesses, but also the communities!

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